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  • Can we use data science to create smarter forecasts for business rate income?

    Francine Bennett 28 Mar, 2017

    Trials starting in April will see local authorities increase the share of revenues they retain from business rates. This offers opportunities to better manage, forecast and shape revenues, which will interest anyone involved in planning the future of our communities - from local authority leaders who want to maximise revenues, to property developers who want to show the economic benefits of their plans. But the truth is, it’s not going to be easy.

  • Want to use data to make better decisions in your authority?

    Samantha Softley 9 Mar, 2017

    Use data to make better decisions in your authority. Apply now for part-funded access to a new modelling and data-sharing platform.

  • Job - Sales and Marketing Executive

    Francine Bennett 15 Feb, 2017

    This is an exciting role supporting a growing startup, based in central London. This person will be responsible for supporting the sales, business development, and client relationship activities of the company. They will work primarily with the CEO, who is a recognised leader in data science and big data technology, which will provide great opportunities to learn about and become part of the UK technology startup community. This role is fixed term for 1 year, with a possibility of extending if sales go well.

  • Job - Head of Business Development

    Francine Bennett 15 Feb, 2017

    This is an exciting opportunity to change the trajectory of a growing startup, based in central London. This person will be responsible for growing the pipeline and closing sales to support our target of doubling our run rate by the end of 2017, and for bringing our new city data platform, Witan, fully to market. This role is fixed term for 1 year, with a possibility of extending if sales go well.

  • Data science in government - talk at Digital Jersey

    Francine Bennett 20 Jan, 2017

    Mastodon C’s Fran Bennett will be in Jersey next Wednesday 25th January, talking to government representatives and Digital Jersey about data science, big data, and their applications in government, including lessons learned from building our new Witan city data platform.

    You can register to join the public session at the Digital Jersey website.

  • Designing Real Time Data Applications - Talk at the Detail Data Conference

    Jason Bell 9 Jan, 2017

    Mastodon C’s Jason Bell will be presenting a workshop session at the Detail Data Conference on Wednesday 11th January. The session will outline the thoughts and processes of designing a realtime application using Met Office Data and the Twitter realtime firehose.

    You can register to attend the conference on the NICVA website.

  • How to rank the best of everything, using data

    Francine Bennett 3 Jan, 2017

    We’ve helped a number of clients to develop and deliver rankings - of healthy places, of “cosy” areas of the country, of corporate wellbeing, and of universities. Building a ranking sounds like an easy job, since the output is just a list. But building a ranking well and meaningfully is much harder than you’d think, because every individual on the list is keen to be in exactly the right place, or even higher up, and is going to pick apart every choice you made in the process.

  • Kixi Architectural Decisions

    Tom Coupland 22 Dec, 2016

    The Kixi platform is constructed around a design pattern known as Command Query Responsibility Separation (CQRS). This pattern is part of a hierarchy of designs that build upon one another and are generally used within a Micro-Services architecture.

  • Creating an Onyx and Kafka Application pt 1

    Jason Bell 8 Oct, 2016

    Over the past couple of months I’ve been using the Onyx Platform with Mastodon C an awful lot.

    So this short series I’m going to show you how to build a Onyx Kafka application that consumes a Kafka stream and kicks out the messages to the console. Nothing flashy but more a “here’s the concepts”.

  • Breaking down silos around demographic data and models - experience of a city’s local authorities

    Sunny Townsend 7 Oct, 2016

    Earlier this year we built a web-based interface for London’s local authorities (known as ‘boroughs’) to run their own population projections. Six months on we review their experience.

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