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  • Modelling Special Educational Needs in Witan

    Francine Bennett 17 Aug, 2017

    In a recent blog post we talked about using data to improve local government service planning and delivery. As part of our Witan platform, we are delivering a number of pre-built models for common service planning and demand forecasting challenges that face city leaders; one of the most popular of these is Special Educational Needs demand forecasting and commissioning, which is a particularly costly and complex area to manage. We’ve now launched a video showing the experience of using the model within the Witan platform - please view and enjoy!

  • When is Excel Good Enough?

    Seb Bailey 16 Aug, 2017

    One question that often comes up when we talk to people new to data science is “Why not just use Excel?” It’s a reasonable question that’s not as easy to answer as you might think, but answering it does go some way to answering a key question anyone planning a data science project needs to consider - what’s the simplest way to get to the results I need?

  • Frontend Developer Job

    Antony Woods 1 Aug, 2017

    Interested in functional programming? Want to build UIs in ClojureScript, using tools like React and Reagent? We’re looking for a frontend developer to help us work on a project with global impact.

  • Data Science Internship

    Samantha Softley 24 Jul, 2017

    We’re looking for an intern to help us develop an exciting city data product, Witan. More details are below.

  • We work together

    Antony Woods 21 Jul, 2017

    At Mastodon C, a large percentage of our workforce is remote. There are plenty of good reasons why remote work is our preference, but it isn’t without its issues. This is especially true for people who haven’t done it before and often collaborate as part of their role. Most of the remote employees at MC are software engineers so we focused on improving this area first.

  • How can data be used to improve local service planning and delivery?

    Francine Bennett 27 Jun, 2017

    Local government and cities have a challenging job - delivering multiple complex services, which have a large influence on their citizens’ daily lives, and doing that in an environment of extreme financial pressures. According to research by the Local Government Information Unit with The Municipal Journal, 65% of authorities expect to have to use their reserves this year. Local government leaders are increasingly turning to technology and data-driven approaches to help make the difficult decisions necessary, to plan and deliver services optimally under these constraints, and to co-ordinate complex services around what citizens expect and need.

  • Data Scientist Job

    Francine Bennett 5 Jun, 2017

    We’re looking for a coder/data scientist to help us develop an exciting city modelling product, as well as our existing data science projects. More details are below.

  • Three Ways G-Cloud 9 Will Drive Digital and Data Science Innovation

    Shawn Jhanji 26 May, 2017

    The latest version of the UK Government’s Digital marketplace has taken the sourcing of digital services in a new and interesting direction. It’s opening the door to greater innovation in the public sector by engaging a more diverse set of suppliers - from tech start-ups to traditional systems integrators.

  • Making a persuasive case for your data science project

    Francine Bennett 25 Apr, 2017

    You may have an idea that data science can bring value to your organization, but do your senior leaders share your excitement? Possibly not. Well not yet anyway. The key is making a persuasive case that gets you the support and resources you need. But building support for a data science initiative requires taking a different approach to the classic business case process many organisations use. And that can make things tricky.

  • Can Artificial Intelligence write a better book than 50 Shades of Grey?

    Jason Bell 13 Apr, 2017

    Spoiler alert. All you writers, authors and creative writing types who may be worrying about AI, rest easy, you’re safe. For a while…

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