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Data Science

Big data technology experts

We help organisations to understand and exploit their big data opportunities. We have developed technology solutions and platforms to identify and maximise the impact of data.

Our consultancy services

We work with our clients to help them get off the ground with customised strategy and prototypes. We then deliver and manage live solutions on our Kixi platform.

Practical data strategy

Many clients start work with us through a brief strategy engagement, which helps them to explore and understand the business opportunities in their data, and to scope what types of data science or data technology would be relevant to them.

Data science and technology prototypes

Once clients have a clear picture of their business need and the raw data which may be relevant to that need, we work collaboratively with them to prototype a solution - model, system, or process - which addresses that need. This discovery and prototyping process can begin to deliver real insight and business benefits. We build on best of breed open source technology, meaning that our clients are always using the latest technology and are never locked in with us as a single vendor.

Live data insight systems

Once we’ve proven the impact of a solution, we’re able to move to a managed service, where we continue to run and improve a live data system which addresses our clients’ needs, based on our common core Kixi platform. This gives our clients a reliable and predictable service where data is ingested and analysed according to their needs, while still giving them the freedom to develop or alter their requirements over time.

Mastodon C have the excellent qualities of talking comprehensibly while absolutely knowing the deep technical detail; they are not too large and not too corporate, relaxed and friendly and we found that they suited our style very well .

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