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real-time building performance tracking and analysis

energy saving trust

Processing large amounts of high-frequency sensor data on energy consumption and the physical environment, in order to gain real-time insight into building performance.

the scene

In order to hit environmental targets, UK buildings need to become dramatically more energy-efficient. However, we don’t necessarily know which energy saving approaches work best in the real UK building stock we have today.

In order to learn more about what works, the Energy Saving Trust and their partners monitor retrofit schemes and trial new building approaches and technologies. They want to understand in fine detail how these technologies perform, at different times of day, with different occupancy levels, and in different weather conditions.

what we did

To allow EST to make sense of these trials, we built and now operate and support our Hecuba system, which automatically accepts such trial data at 1 minute intervals, from a wide variety of sensors, and displays that data in a web-based interface which lets EST and its clients explore, graph, and calculate energy performance measures across a very wide and diverse range of indicators.

The system now contains:

  • over 2,000 buildings;
  • over 18,500 sensors;
  • 850gb of data.

We provide EST with the customised system, systems admin support, security management, and all the other support which allows us to continue ingesting and making sense of huge quantities of real time data.

A tapestry plot of building air temperature

This was a great experiment for our Kixi open-source data platform, on which Hecuba is based, to flex its muscle and use some – at times – tricky data structures and sets to make sense of it all. Like all of our projects, this was run in an agile manner and continues to make use of and add to state of the art open source technology.

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