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alt Mastodon C team


  • Francine Bennett

    CEO & Co-founder

    Francine is an ex-Googler and recovering mathematician. She's a trustee at DataKind UK, board member at Bethnal Green Ventures, and advises the Cabinet Office on data science.

    She likes coffee, running, sleeping a lot, and large data sets.

  • Bruce Durling

    CTO & Co-founder

    Bruce toiled for years writing bash and java for investment banking data systems. Now he likes clojure, big data, open source, and making Mastodon C a mean, lean, agile machine.

    He loves using GNU emacs and finding volunteers for the London Clojurians.

  • Éléonore Mayola

    Data Scientist

    Éléonore is an Hackbright Academy alumna with a background in biomedical research.

    She is a co-organiser at PyLadies London and enjoys hacking on hardware.

  • Jason Bell

    Data Engineer

    Jason is author of Machine Learning: Hands On For Developers and Technical Professionals and specialises in high volume data workflows and pipelines.

    He has played the Chapman Stick since 1993 and has played bass guitar for over thirty years, he also writes about technology, data and automating processes.

  • Elise Huard

    Data Engineer

    Elise is a software veteran with a Masters in Artificial Intelligence in her back pocket.

    She enjoys sci-fi, baking cakes and working on hard problems.

  • Sunny Townsend

    Data Scientist

    Sunny has academic roots addressing problems in ecology and public health with models and statistics.

    She enjoys getting up hills and under water as often as possible.

  • Antony Woods


    Antony is fascinated by visualisation and enjoys creating compelling, intuitive user interfaces.

    He comes from the Black Country, but he doesn't force us to hold that against him.

  • Chris Taylor

    Commercial Development

    Chris helps public and private sector organisations to get the most out of technology and work better, with a particular focus on all things environmental and local.

    Chris loves the outdoors (particularly the Thames Basin Heaths SPA) and playing the sax.

  • Seb Bailey

    Data Scientist

    Seb studied as a biologist. He now applies skills he developed analysing genes to data science.

    He enjoys baking bread, playing guitar and retro video gaming.

  • Tom Coupland

    Data Scientist

    Tom has spent years growing large data systems, carefully tending to both the flow and reservoirs of information, using a potent cocktail of deep technical knowledge, relentless inquisitiveness and sheer determination to make it work.

    When not tending to the system of the day, he likes to read, watch and occasionally write science fiction, before going outside and running around the mountains in the wind and rain to let it all sink in.

  • Samantha Softley

    Delivery Manager

    Sam is our proactive polyfiller; she loves making things happen and is constantly anticipating where issues may pop up, and looking to put things in place so that the issues never come about.

    When not polyfilling Sam likes to be in the mountains preferably on her bike.

  • Matt Ford

    DevOps Engineer

    Matt automates all the things and lives by the mantra "infrastructure as code, infrastructure as code".

    When his head is not buried in The Cloud he likes sci-fi, piano, and gaming.

  • Chris Hall

    Strategic Advisor

    Chris has worked in business and technology strategy for almost 20 years. Ages ago he wrote AI planning systems in Prolog and mainly remembers small programmes that ran forever and returned "No".

    He enjoys skiing and sunshine, ideally at the same time.

  • Henry Garner

    Associate Data Scientist

    Henry specialises in building data-intensive systems and is the author of Clojure for Data Science.

    He likes road cycling and juggling fire, though hasn't yet combined these interests.

  • Chris Adams

    Associate UX Consultant

    Chris is a environmentally focused product manager and UX consultant, with prior background in devops, and both front and backend development.

    He loves cycling around Berlin and London (yes, really), and sharpies.