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What We Do

Your team could be even more successful, if only you could unlock the power of all the data that you already have. But it's hard to even know where to start. The data is big, messy and the analytical and technology options can be bewildering.

Mastodon C are agile big data specialists. We offer the open source technology platform and the skills to help you realise that potential, and we do it all on zero carbon infrastructure.

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Contact Us

Mastodon C Ltd
8 Fitzroy Street

Kixi Data Platform

Our open source data platform uses Hadoop, Cassandra and other open source technologies to integrate real time sensor data, web service data and spreadsheets you upload to a server. Then we serve it to you in a format that makes sense.

Chaos to Insight

In a universe of varied data from the smallest to the biggest, from open data to your own proprietary data we can use data science to help you to find the insight you need to make your plans a reality.


Mastodon C has calculated the carbon emissions of public cloud facilities. We give you the confidence that your data crunching won't destroy the planet or your budget.