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Witan is a new platform to support decision-making for cities. Developed in partnership with the Greater London Authority and now deployed with London’s 33 boroughs, it provides modelling tools and data management processes to help solve real city planning challenges.

Mastodon C's deep technical expertise with data, and their collaborative approach, have been great for us at City Hall. Their technology powers our new approach to city data storage and analysis, and is a core part of our approach to projecting the future of London.

Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director of Intelligence and Analysis, Greater London Authority


  • Joined-up modelling

    A shared web-based system makes it much easier to collaborate across interdependent teams whose models need to match up, for example housing and population.

  • Improved decision making

    Senior decision makers can see and stress-test detailed versions and variations of projections, to help them make more data-driven decisions.

  • Try out new scenarios

    Witan makes it fast and straightforward to test what-if scenarios where assumptions may change, for example seeing the implications of an increase in immigration for an area.

  • Carefully control access

    Security controls mean that models can be seen and shared only among the colleagues who need them, without needing to be completely locked away from everyone.


  • State of the art models

    The platform will come pre-populated with models, which can be customised depending on your requirements. These will include demography, employment, local planning, waste and energy models.

  • Big data and small

    The Witan platform is built to handle large, fast-moving data sets such as sensor data, as well as small, less frequently updated data such as housing projections.

  • Join the community

    Witan is more than just a place to keep and analyse data. It’s a place to find other people who can help you find and use data. Through Witan, you will be able to get in contact with people around the world who are looking to solve similar city planning challenges.

  • Customer support

    Witan users have immediate access to our support team, providing you with technical and modelling help. Just click the ‘help’ button and let us know what you need help with, and one of our experts will get in touch.

  • Open source

    The platform and the models it provides are all open source. Organisations can download and run their own version of Witan, or we can host and manage Witan for you.

  • Link to your data store

    Witan is being designed to seamlessly interact with other APIs, allowing you to use Witan to run models using data from both the Witan API and any other APIs available.


Witan Single

Use a single pre-built model on the Witan platform and run it with your own organisation’s data. Run unlimited scenarios. Share the results internally and externally.


  • Departmental heads in Local Authorities who need to solve a specific problem, on a one-off or ongoing basis.
  • Providers to Local Authorities who need a robust data-driven predictive model

Setup Cost

from £5,000

Monthly Cost

from £1,000

(no minimum term)

Witan Strategic

Upload internal data from across your organisation. Use our core model set of pre-built models for cities and local government. Transform your data the way you need it. Control the sharing of all the data and results.


  • CEOs of Local Authorities who are ready for a strategic solution to data sharing and data-driven decision-making across their organisation.

Setup Cost

from £10,000

Monthly Cost

from £4,000

(12 month minimum term)

Witan Collect + Share

Collect data from multiple local authorities or other bodies in a structured, schema-checked way. Use our core model set of pre-built models. Control the sharing of the data uploaded and the results.


  • CEOs and Mayors of large Cities and multi-borough regions who want to embrace data-driven decision-making, and have a need to collect data from multiple local authorities.

Setup Cost

from £15,000

Monthly Cost

from £6,000

(12 month minimum term)

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