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In a fast-changing world it’s more important than ever to put your data to work. Witan is a suite of cloud-based tools that allow you to take advantage of new data science techniques that will get your quicker answers and help you develop better plans.

Witan enables you to securely collaborate,manage, and get insights from data. Together with Mastodon C’s technical and domain expertise, with Witan you’ll get results faster and have more confidence in the decisions you make.

Mastodon C’s deep technical expertise with data, and their collaborative approach, have been great for us at City Hall. Their technology powers our new approach to city data storage and analysis, and is a core part of our approach to projecting the future of London.

Andrew Collinge, Assistant Director of Intelligence and Analysis, Greater London Authority

the witan suite

  • witan datastore

    The data governance and secure storage hub that gives you total control over your data infrastructure. Save money, get more done, and make better decisions.

  • witan collect+share

    Spend more time and resources developing critical reports and insights, and less time chasing people to contribute spreadsheets, data and information.

  • witan models

    Transform the work of service and budget planning from a resource-intensive yearly chore to a powerful source of on-demand information and insight for policy making, planning and transformation.

  • witan strategic

    When combined, the Witan suite gives you a powerful data infrastructure in one, easy to manage bundle, with multiple models, data governance and curation, increased processing and storage, and expert support.

how does witan deliver insights and efficiency?

  • smooth data acquisition

    Only give users the access they need and are permitted to have by policy, regulation and the law. For example only sharing metadata with one user, whilst giving full dataset access to another.

  • secure access to data

    Datastore makes it easy to conform to data legislation like GDPR, organisational policies and ethical standards by giving you control over who can access your data.

  • controlled data sharing

    With collect + share you can easily request data from multiple colleagues and track who has and hasn’t complied. Colleagues can upload data in familiar formats such as Excel, saving them time and effort.

  • demand and cost forecasts

    To help you understand the impact of current policies & provisions on demand on your services for the next 5 - 10 years Witan Models produce a set of baseline demand and cost forecasts.

  • quickly run “what-if” scenarios

    Use your data to quickly test out and understand the impact of different service configurations and policy decision. This enables confident decision making and the exploration of a variety of policy and service reconfiguration options.

  • expert advice and support

    In-app office hours support by Mastodon C’s specialist team means you’ll get the most of Witan - whether you have a technical query, need help generating insights or want to share your findings.

features and pricing

witan datastore

Get data out of silos and into work, fast, while ensuring that you stay the right side of policy, regulation and the law.


  • Access, permissions, and event recording
  • Secure data access
  • Flexible access controls
  • Metadata tools
  • Metadata sharing
  • Datapacks
  • Controlled Data Sharing
  • In app office support

Setup Cost


Monthly Cost

(no minimum term)

witan collect + share

For simple collection, curation and sharing of critical data


  • Secure access to data
  • Smooth data acquisition
  • Metadata tools
  • Check schemas and formats
  • Metadata sharing
  • In app support

Setup Cost


Monthly Cost

(12 month minimum term)

witan models

For powerful on-demand, analysis and insights.


  • Sophisticated SEND and demographic models
  • Demand and cost forecasts
  • Rapid scenario modelling
  • Baseline forecast updates
  • Storage and sharing of data and visualisations
  • In app support

Setup Cost


Monthly Cost

(no minimum term)

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