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SEND data and governance self-assessment



Our SEND data and governance self-assessment enables any local authority and its partners to assess:

  • how robust and reliable are your high needs data
  • how well you put this high needs information to work.

We have developed an assessment framework organised around 5 core themes, which provides a structured approach for assessing your current situation, identifying improvements, and creating a plan of action.

On completion you will better understand your SEND data and its governance, and be supported to address any gaps. You will have renewed confidence in your SEND data and make even better use of it for big-picture planning, smart commissioning and to achieve financially sustainable SEND provision.


How it works

The self-assessment is a four stage process:

  1. Introductory workshop – we explain the self-assessment framework and support your planning for conducting the self-assessment
  2. Evidence gathering – you collect evidence of your current approach and assess whether you are ’emerging’, ‘developing’ or ‘established’
  3. Review – we review your evidence and self-assessment and provide feedback
  4. Action planning workshop – we work with you to develop an improvement plan

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