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Our core open source data platform, Kixi, uses Hadoop, Cassandra and other open source technologies to ingest and integrate batch and real time data to a single repository, to aggregate, model, or analyse it, and to serve it back to your database or web interface in a way that serves your business needs. We can send big data to a variety of output formats to support further analysis.

We work in partnership with Mastodon C to deliver data-driven insights and services to our critical national infrastructure clients. They are a strategic development partner due to their expertise in the latest data technology and data science to deliver the insights and predictions our clients need.

Volker Buscher, Director, Arup Digital


  • Cutting edge technology

    Our platform builds on the most recent open source technologies, including Spark and Cassandra, to ensure that data processing is robust, cost-effective, and scalable.

  • Flexible cloud processing

    Data is stored and processed using industry standard cloud servers, meaning that we can quickly and flexibly scale up to new data sources of whatever size and speed.

  • No vendor lock-in

    The open source platform means that our clients have the extra assurance that they have free access to the platform code at any time - no vendor lock-in.

  • Customised to you

    We develop custom data processing and analysis pipelines using the data sources and desired outcomes that are critical to your business, building on our experience of related sources with other clients.

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  • Real time and sensor data

    We handle real time and sensor data using Kafka, receiving data streaming in at sub-second intervals from sensors or other fast flowing sources.

  • ETL and batch processing

    More slow-flowing batch and ETL data is processed to a schedule, making sure that your cleaned and customised data is available for use by your team each morning.

  • Data science

    We shape data into the predictions or analyses critical to your business, and continue to run these models over time to create constant fresh insights.

  • Ongoing support

    Our managed service clients benefit from ongoing support, where we ensure that their data has been ingested and processed and we continually review and improve their pipelines and models.

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