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  • Why strategic place planning matters to a special school headteacher

    Chris Owen Apr 20, 2020

    Dr Matthew Rayner was a senior leader at Stephen Hawking School in London for over twenty years, including being headteacher from 2007 to the end of 2019. It is an outstanding school for children aged 2 to 11 years of age with profound and multiple learning difficulties and complex needs. Mastodon C talked to Matthew […]

  • Supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities – a system under pressure

    Chris Owen Oct 24, 2019

    Some reflections by Chris Owen, our education and children’s services associate, about the factors that are exerting pressure on high needs funding, which are making it even harder to achieve a ‘level playing field’ for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) in England. Mainstream schools’ funding is under pressure Schools’ accountability is predominantly […]

  • Analysing special educational needs and disability: strategic engagement from the beginning

    Chris Owen Jul 2, 2019

    To complement our core special educational needs and disability (SEND) modelling service, we can provide additional strategic advice and support. In this post Chris Owen, our education and children’s services associate, describes how a facilitated workshop with your SEND strategic leaders can help to clarify your priorities and prepare the ground for strategic planning informed […]

  • How good are our projections of SEND service demand?

    Mike Ford Jul 20, 2018

    Our models are designed to make predictions on future events using data from the past, so we always need to “validate” them. This means testing how accurately the models predicts real-world situations outside of the safe, cosy environment it’s been conceived and built in. More technically, this is called “out-of-sample” performance. In an ideal world, […]

  • How we’ll help data science be a force for public sector good in 2018

    Fran Bennett Feb 9, 2018

    Data science made a noticeable impact on the public sector in 2017. And it’s no longer just a small group of innovators who are putting data to work in their organisations. Projects such as the GLA’s datastore are helping the sector build a data infrastructure that will benefit us all. While progress has been made, the pressure to deliver […]