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  • Open Health Data – alpha launch happy dance

    Fran Bennett Aug 9, 2013

    [cross posted from] We just launched the alpha of the CDEC Open Health Data Platform. It’s been an exciting process developing the platform so far, and we’re really pleased with the way the alpha site looks and the reactions it’s had. The platform in general is a really fun project: it’s motivated by the fact that there’s […]

  • Getting technical – how to process data with Cascalog

    Fran Bennett Jul 30, 2013

    Our superstar intern Anna (@AnnaPawlicka) has been working with Cascalog to process data for our clients. She met Clojure for the first time on her internship with us, and has been learning fast. She’s written up a great tutorial on how to use Cascalog on your desktop to process datasets locally, starting from the very […]

  • Help! I can’t find any female speakers for my tech conference!

    Bruce Durling Jul 8, 2013

    I occasionally get asked where one could go to find women speakers for tech events and conferences. Here is short list from the top of my head: Women in Data run by @yoditstanton The Women’s Room Rails Bridge (for Ruby) pyladies (for Python) flossie (forFree/Libre Open Source Software) JDuchess (for Java) LambdaLadies (for functional programming) MzTek (technology and art) Ladies who Code Also […]

  • Retrofit is go!

    Fran Bennett Mar 5, 2013

    We’ve got a nice project which went live today – we’ve been providing the final performance analysis for the £17m government-funded Retrofit for the Future programme, which has been running since 2009. The programme retrofitted 120 homes in the UK with multiple energy-saving and energy-efficiency technologies, and collected data through over 1300 sensors and meters […]

  • Infamy, infamy

    Fran Bennett Feb 6, 2013

    More recent and upcoming talks from Team Mastodon: A couple of recent ones that are up online: Using data for EVIL! at the Strata Data Warfare conference Big Data comes to the NHS at ODI Fridays lunchtime lecture More public talks coming soon: Open Data for CSR, Intelligent Futures, 12th Feb R and Shiny at Data Science […]

  • What happens when a project gets into the press

    Fran Bennett Jan 4, 2013

    Prescribing Analytics got an awful lot of positive press coverage over the last few weeks. It’s very exciting to see something we’ve made be covered so extensively – it was on the front page of the Independent, on the PM programme on Radio 4 (47 mins in), the Economist, the FT, and even in the Revolution Analytics R blog as well as various […]

  • It lives!

    Fran Bennett Dec 12, 2012

    We’ve finally published the prescribing analytics portal here It covers prescribing variation of statins in the UK last year, making it really easy to explore variation which could be costing extra money. I definitely recommend taking a look – it’s fascinating to explore. It got some great coverage too – the Financial Times, the Economist, and […]

  • Big data, simple analytics, big impact.

    Fran Bennett Oct 29, 2012

    Don’t tell anyone yet, but we’ve got a big project going live soon which aims to help the NHS save an awful lot of money. It turns out that by altering GPs’ prescribing behaviour for a few drugs, swapping generic for proprietary forms where appropriate, it’s possible to save hundreds of millions of pounds a […]

  • Big data, told through the medium of The Muppets

    Fran Bennett Oct 22, 2012

    From the Bethnal Green Ventures Demo Day – my 5 minute version of what we do, told mostly through the medium of Muppets. Not the most technically deep talk I’ve ever done, but I’m actually pretty pleased with this as a very quick teaser on what we do and what it’s for. Now to work on the […]

  • When, will i, will i be famous?

    Fran Bennett Sep 20, 2012

    (if you now have an earworm, congratulations, we are of the same generation) In October you’ll have a few chances to see the very rare and shy Team Mastodon in public. On October 2nd, Fran will be talking at O’Reilly Strata London on How to Make Big Data Massively Greener (contact us for discounted tickets for the […]

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