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  • Finding useful answers in public sector data. the six-step cycle (infographic)

    Fran Bennett Jan 19, 2018

    We know that making smarter use of data in the public sector is important to transformation and effectiveness – we’ve seen data put to work, by us and others, for purposes from detecting fraud to modelling the impact of new policies. But how does this process happen in practice? We’ve put together an infographic that illustrates a six-stage […]

  • Looking for the latest examples of data science in action? watch these highlights of clojure x 2017

    Elise Huard Jan 17, 2018

    ClojureX in London was fun and interesting. The event is a great opportunity to hear a range of people in the community share their ideas and experience – from colleagues in the data science consulting world, to authors of essential new tools and libraries, to new start-ups. The development of Clojurescript has attracted fresh faces […]

  • How can you make sure your next data analytics project gets results?

    Fran Bennett Nov 15, 2017

    The excitement about data needs to be balanced with an uncomfortable truth. Most data projects fail. Perhaps as many as 85%. This doesn’t mean your data modeling project or big data analysis tool is doomed. But it does mean you need to know how to swing the odds back in your favour. In this article we […]

  • Is data a “dirty word” in the public sector?

    Fran Bennett Oct 20, 2017

    There is great potential and enthusiasm in the public sector for data-driven innovation that improves services and reduces costs. This was the key message that the Mastodon C team took away from a round table discussion with senior figures from the public sector this week. Yes, challenges remain around data skills, data governance and shaping […]

  • Getting started with data governance

    Bruce Durling Oct 3, 2017

    Data governance is about giving your people and partners timely but compliant access to data. Whether it’s driving collaboration across departments or engaging external suppliers, an effective approach to data governance gives you control over data access and usage, whilst making sure you stay on the right side of policy, regulations and the law. All […]

  • How to approach analysing a dataset

    Sebastian Bailey Sep 15, 2017

    Data exploration is perhaps one of the most important elements when designing a data science project. Exploring the data allows you to better plan your project and answer important questions – like whether your data can actually answer the questions you’re trying to answer. In this short guide we outline how we approach investigating a […]

  • Demand prediction and better commissioning for send and asc

    Fran Bennett Sep 5, 2017

    As we all know, one big aspect of delivering effective services under financial pressure is making the right commissioning decisions, based on a combination of expected demand, and local policy choices about how to meet that demand in the best way for the local community. We’ve also seen that according to research by the Local […]

  • Digital marketing intern

    Fran Bennett Aug 30, 2017

    We’re looking for a marketing intern to help us reach and educate more clients for our innovative new city data tool, Witan. This is a new position, and depending on product progress and your ambitions, it could develop into a permanent role. who we are Mastodon C are agile big data specialists. We are a cutting-edge […]

  • Why is data the essential element for public sector transformation?

    Fran Bennett Aug 23, 2017

    The challenges may be big. And the future unclear. But a data-driven revolution is taking shape in the public sector. A revolution driven forward by innovative leaders and a handful of technology companies, working together to bring the benefits of data to local communities. The development of state of the art platforms like Witan is […]

  • Modelling special educational needs in Witan

    Fran Bennett Aug 17, 2017

    In a recent blog post we talked about using data to improve local government service planning and delivery. As part of our Witan platform, we are delivering a number of pre-built models for common service planning and demand forecasting challenges that face city leaders; one of the most popular of these is Special Educational Needs demand forecasting […]

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