Mastodon C is working with local authorities to ensure better outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities and for looked after children. We help them achieve this while ensuring they can secure the budgets they need and help as many people as possible with the money they have.

We’re looking for someone who can become a clear communicator of quantitative data and statistical concepts and take on a role as a data analyst in our team. We code in R and Clojure; therefore, you will need some programming experience, preferably in one of those two languages, but we will help you learn what you need to succeed in the role. You’ll be working alongside other team members with skills in data science, data engineering, and product management, and interacting directly with decision makers and data teams at local authorities.

You’ll be analysing interesting datasets, and communicating their meanings directly to clients. Our clients make multi-year, multi-million-pound decisions based on our advice and analysis, so being clear about impact and uncertainty is important. As you gain experience you will also be adding new features to our models and helping us to better help our clients improve the lives of the people they affect. A typical day at Mastodon C consists of checking in with the team, processing client data, analysing datasets and communicating results to clients via presentations and documents

We are a small company, distributed over the UK and Europe for the last ten years. We’re pretty good at using slack, email, and video calls to keep up with each other and our clients. We’re friendly and flexible and understand that even before working from home in a pandemic, people want to work with flexible and understanding teammates who realise that we all have lives, families, and interests outside of work. 

If you want to know more about what we do, you can look at our website at, or our, where you can see the code for our SEND and CiC products, and a lot of our historical projects as well. 

The role is full-time, 40 hours a week, and we work UK hours. We have a good track record for being flexible around caring needs and are used to accommodating things like school runs or other responsibilities. The salary will be between £25,000-£32,000. 

If you are interested in joining our team, then please send in a cover letter and CV to We’ll be reviewing them over the next few weeks and then inviting people to have an interview on Meet or Zoom. In the interview, we’ll be asking you to give a 5-minute talk on a subject of your choice (explaining your thesis or something else with a quantitative element would be good) and then asking for a one-sentence summary that is memorable. We’ll then ask you why you want to work for Mastodon C, what you think you would bring to the team, and where you need us to help you. We also want to know where you want to go with your career to make sure that we can help you move ahead. We’d want to make sure that you have time to ask us some questions as well. You can include them in your cover letter if you’d like us to prepare, or you can surprise us with them in the interview.

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