The Department for Education (DfE) in England are reducing the flexibilities available to local authorities to cover DSG overspends, such as from the high needs block, from other education budgets. Local authorities facing an overspend or significantly reduced surpluses are going to be required by DfE to complete a recovery plan template, which expects robust projections of future demand for EHC plans and for school places.

Our tried and tested SEND demand model will help you to confidently project future numbers and costs of EHC plans. 

Projections are broken down according to educational settings, SEN primary needs and age groups: essential information required for the recovery plan. We can model what is likely to happen to numbers and costs if current trends continue, and show the likely impacts of mitigations you plan to put in place.

We can equip you with the insights and forecasts needed to make the case for SEND reform with members and schools, and to demonstrate to the DfE that robust plans are in place.

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