Mastodon C builds tools that enable people who plan for Special Education, Alternative Provision, and Children’s Social Care to design services that deliver better outcomes for children and young people, while making the best use of the resources available.

The people we work with are already experts in delivering these services and we enable them to concentrate on what they think their services should look like so that the outcomes for the children and young people affected are as good as they can be. We help them to understand how children and young people will flow through services and we explain how much that is going to cost in a way that is robust. This helps them to understand the costs without needing to be financial experts too.

When Mastodon C started, my co-founder Fran and I agreed that the company should be socially responsible. Not just to the communities we come from, but to everyone. Not just through the direct application of what we do but how we do it. Using our skills to make the world better, we wanted to be sure that what we do is ethical and sustainable.

The team and I are really excited by the prospect of continuing to expand our products over the coming months, making a bigger and bigger positive social impact working alongside our customers.

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