As of 28 May, I’ve officially stepped down as CEO and Director of Mastodon C, the company that Bruce and I founded together 7 years ago. Bruce will be taking over as CEO, to lead the company into the future and to make sure it continues using data to make the world better.

It’s been a fantastic 7 years, where I’ve done every job from CEO, chief (and sometimes only) data scientist, financial wizard, to office cleaner and coffee maker. We’ve worked with a wonderful range of clients, from central government and enterprises using data on a national scale to make the country work better, to the stars of local government, planning local services better to make their citizens’ lives more successful and happy. It’s been the best job I’ve ever done, and I’m so proud and pleased that we built the company from the spark of an idea to something which has generated millions of pounds and indirectly touched thousands of peoples’ lives.

The company is in a great place to continue growing and having an impact in the world under Bruce’s leadership. I’ll no longer be working in the business day to day, but will be continuing to offer support and strategic advice.

Thanks so much to all of the colleagues, clients, and friends who’ve made this such a fun journey, and I hope I get to keep in touch with you all in the future.

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