We’re getting very close to launching the minimum viable product (MVP) version of Witan, the city modelling platform we’ve been working on since this summer.

The MVP will be focussed on running and evolving demographic models – having a picture of how many people, of what type, will be where, in a city, underpins all sorts of other critical services, so is a good place to start with creating a data-driven, legible model of the city. Plus, it’s helping us to develop a really great user experience for the key parts of city modelling:

  • Working with input data from many places – in this case, 33 London Boroughs, providing various housing scenarios as inputs
  • Forecasting based on variable assumptions, and making those assumptions transparent – for example, how high migration is expected to be in future years
  • The ability to keep some scenarios and data private, but also to share your scenarios with colleagues and keep track of how they are developed over time as policy or knowledge evolve

The interface is pretty clean and simple at the moment. We’re happy with how it’s coming together, and excited about having it live before Christmas – sneak preview below.

The team has also been busy on personal projects – while building Witan v1, we’ve also manufactured one and three-quarters babies between us.

If you’d like to keep up with Witan progress, request a demo, or request more very cute baby photos, please do get in touch.

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