We’re looking for a User Interface designer and developer to help us work on an upcoming project. More details are below.

Who we are

Mastodon C are agile big data specialists. We offer the open source technology platform and the skills to help our clients realise the potential of their data. We work in particular in applying data to areas where we think we can have a positive impact on the world, like sustainability, health, and built environment.


You will be the lead User Interface designer and developer for a major new product, applying big data, open data, and analytics technologies to improve city planning. We’ll be working with one major city as a test client, and hope to be bringing the product to a wider market from late 2016.

You will in particular be responsible for:

  • Interacting with users and clients to understand their challenges and goals
  • Making and keeping the interface beautiful and usable
  • Thinking through, designing, and implementing data workflows that will be intuitive for non-technical and less-technical users
  • Working within the development team to develop features end-to-end – you will be specialising in front end and UI technologies, but you will also get involved with building the rest of the technology in the product

You will work day-to-day with our UX consultant, who will be gathering and shaping user needs and overall design, and with the rest of the software development team, who you will collaborate with to design and implement the product.

Who you are

Our ideal person for this role would:

  • Have already held a professional designer or software developer role
  • Know or be interested in learning ClojureScript – for example, we hope you would find this articleinteresting
  • Have experience with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and be comfortable learning other new languages
  • Be excited about enhancing your UI and UX skills
  • Be interested in and excited about applying data and analytics to important issues in the world
  • Be able to demonstrate experience in turning complex needs into simple and elegant interfaces

Salary and work environment

We are based in Fitzroy Street, near Euston, London. We’re also happy to discuss part-remote or part-time arrangements if those are important for you.

We’re a small and very consultative team, which means that every member has a big influence on how things run and has a lot of control over the way they work.

The salary for this role is up to £40,000 per year. Our preferred start date is 1st June.

If this looks like your kind of a job, please contact us at theteam@mastodonc.com with a CV (and, if possible, recent code or project examples) and we’ll talk.

Please note that you need to be eligible to work in the UK to apply for this position. No agents please.

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