We use an agile approach in all the work we do here at Mastodon C.

Part of our agile technology development is breaking work up into short, set-length iterations, with clear deadlines at the end of each, which helps us to clarify what we’re doing right now, to plan effectively, and also to have a rhythm of regular checkpoints where we can look up from our keyboards, review progress, and respond to anything that’s changed.

Internally, we run 1-week iterations, which end on a Tuesday afternoon. Then, every Wednesday, we take 20 minutes to prioritise what we want to do over the next week. This gives us a chance to make sure we’re still working on the right things and not forgetting to do important stuff that might be buried by the urgent, but less important things that appear daily.

At the end of the iteration we all show off what we’ve achieved, relax, and bask in a little glory before heading, refreshed and ready to tear into the next iteration. To help us with that celebration, every Tuesday afternoon we also have demo cake.

The heavy responsibility of demo cake acquisition this week fell to Merici. She did well.

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