I occasionally get asked where one could go to find women speakers for tech events and conferences. Here is short list from the top of my head:
Rails Bridge (for Ruby)
pyladies (for Python)
flossie (forFree/Libre Open Source Software)
JDuchess (for Java)
LambdaLadies (for functional programming)
MzTek (technology and art)
Also on twitter
@anettebgo (javascript) UK
@annashipman (software craftsmanship, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, development methodology and clean code) UK
@fhr (my boss on R, big data and DataKind) UK
@jennifersmithco (clojure, neo4j & graphs) UK
@jenit (open data) UK
@lunivore (bdd) UK
@mia_out (Digital Humanities, web dev) UK
@misslake (Art and programming and senior TED fellow) UK
@trisha_gee (Java, Java Performance, MongoDB) UK
@yoditstanton (big data, clojure, hadoop) UK
@bodil (fp, clojure, clojurescript, javascript, web dev) Norway
@antiheroine (web dev) US
@ashedryden (ruby & general diversity) US
@carinmeier (clojure and fp) US
@kaythaney (Mozilla Open Science, Big Data and DataKind) US (formerly UK)
And I’m sure quite a few more, but that is a start. Please add more in the comments
I’m sure @ashedryden has a much more complete list on her blog as she is writing a book on this.

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