We’ve got a nice project which went live today – we’ve been providing the final performance analysis for the £17m government-funded Retrofit for the Future programme, which has been running since 2009. The programme retrofitted 120 homes in the UK with multiple energy-saving and energy-efficiency technologies, and collected data through over 1300 sensors and meters taking readings every 5 minutes. The aim of the programme was to inform the planning and development of retrofit and new-build homes to help the UK meet its energy goals. They launched the final results at Ecobuild today, and they’re also up on this website.

As you might imagine, that many meter readings accumulate into a dataset which is pretty big, and it’s been a lot of fun trying to wrangle it into shape. The sensors have come in all shapes and sizes, and all levels of reliability, so (as always) a major part of the work has been in cleaning and making sense of the data, before actually being able to do a lot with it. The good news is that the results are great – an average reduction in emissions of over 60%, with some homes reducing by more than 80% (fivefold!). There’s also a load more we could do with the same dataset – we haven’t even begun to dig into the behavioural and other factors that are revealed by this very fine-grained information.

So for now, take a look at the report, and you can register to gain your own access to the raw data at https://est.amee.com/. We’ll be releasing the analysis code shortly, as well.

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