We added Rackspace calculations to our footprint data this week, as we’re keen to start running our Hadoop clusters over more infrastructure (in the greenest possible way) and we’re sure you are too.

I was getting a bit despondent about our sustainable options for running big computation, so was super excited to learn after talking to Rackspace and to Greenpeace that Rackspace have actually entered renewables purchase agreements for all the power in their London data centre, and that Greenpeace are also happy to sign off on those figures (Greenpeace are especially tough on greenwashing, so if they say it’s legit, we’re pretty happy). New ratings are here. The big green blob over the UK makes me smile.

Greenmonk just published a blog post about the same thing, praising Rackspace for being leaders in this area. We totally agree.

So Rackspace London rocket up the leaderboard as a green option, and we can build moar big data in the UK without doing bad things to the planet! Happy campers all round.

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