We show live footprint estimates for right now on our dashboard at https://www.mastodonc.com/dashboard, but it’s also pretty interesting to visualise the different locations over time to get a feel for the size of fluctuation to see how the horse race between time zones and temperatures plays out.

This chart shows some real ratings for May. It’s got some really interesting features.

Iceland (powered by geothermal energy) stays at a flat zero all the time.

Ireland has a pretty interesting profile – it’s cold enough to air-cool most of the time, although has a pretty crappy emissions factor on its electricity, so its footprint is not good but is stable (as long as it doesn’t get warm, which starts to happen at the end of the chart).

Sao Paulo is hot, so its footprint has a very clear diurnal cycle which tracks temperature and hence cooling power draw, but it’s on a good power source so the amplitude is small.

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