Well, this has been an exciting week.

We had All The Meetups last week (thanks Carlos and Stewart for an excellent set of Big Data Weekevents). This week was going to be quieter, but turned into the week of All The Meetings; everyone we spoke to had someone else even more eminent that we needed to be introduced to.

Turns out that there’s tremendous appetite in parts of the industry for getting real, actionable data on cloud usage footprints into the hands of users. This has been a very happy surprise to us – we were especially excited that the founder of Joyent committed this week to getting data out into the world on this very thoughtful panel discussion which Tom Raftery at GreenMonk participated in and pointed us to. We think that maybe (just maybe) there is scope for putting together an open standard for ratings, forming a coalition of hackers, carbon specialists, and cloud providers, and getting it out as widely as humanly possible. Watch this space – and get in touch if that coalition is something that you’d like to engage with.

And the final win of the week – we have got an office! The novelty of working from home palled extremely quickly, and so we have taken some space from the lovely folks at Club Workspace, which I can highly recommend so far.

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