What a week! This startup thing is a lot of fun, but also much more work than having a regular job.

So this week we’ve spent a lot of time building the beta live carbon ratings engine, which should go live by the start of Big Data Week on Monday. Bruce is coding like a dervish as we speak, to make that happen. He is living the dream of writing Clojure for 12 hours a day right now (at least, he tells me it’s a dream).

With perfect timing for our launch, on Tuesday Greenpeace released a report highlighting the dirtiness of many cloud utilities. They’re writing more for consumers than developers, but are picking up on exactly the same issue of ubiquitous use of coal-powered data centres as we’ve been evangelising. We were also really pleased to see that technical coverage of the new data centre launch at Silicon Roundabout included mention of the carbon impact of data centres.

We also had a great time on Wednesday at CloudCamp London, where the audience was full of interesting people and the Internet-of-Things themed talks were futuristically cool, even though not in our direct business area. I loved their red-carding rule for vendor pitches in particular, which worked so well that one of the panel introduced himself as just ‘from one of the Evil Empires’.

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