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  • Week 1 wrap-up

    Francine Bennett 20 Apr, 2012

    What a week! This startup thing is a lot of fun, but also much more work than having a regular job.

  • And we're off!

    Francine Bennett 16 Apr, 2012

    Today is the first day of full time work on Mastodon C for the whole team (all two of us).

  • Hunting for Hadoop users

    Francine Bennett 3 Mar, 2012

    We need test pilots! 

  • Vote for us - we're on a mission

    Francine Bennett 21 Feb, 2012

    So it’s almost a month since we made the beta version of Mastodon C which won the AMEE London Green Hackathon 2012, and seems like the excitement just keeps building. We are incredibly excited about the potential of our project  - we really could make cloud computing significantly greener with this.

  • Following the moon

    Francine Bennett 4 Feb, 2012

    We’ve been having fun today calculating how to move jobs around in the day and night based on local temperatures. We heart playing with graphs.

  • Mastodon at The London Green Hackathon

    Bruce Durling 2 Feb, 2012

    We had a great time building Mastodon C at The London Green Hackathon. It was great getting validation for our carbon saving ideas from AMEE.

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