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  • The Mastodon in the room: Why Clojure?

    Antony Woods 5 Nov, 2015

    Mastodon C advertises itself as a ‘Clojure shop’ when talking to clients and partners, but let’s delve a bit deeper into what this means and why we believe it’s a key advantage for us. Ultimately, it comes down to a simple idea:

  • We're on the Whitehall steering group of "digital and data visionaries"

    Francine Bennett 4 Nov, 2015

    It was announced yesterday that Fran, our CEO, will be on the new steering group of “digital and data visionaries” helping the UK government become more and more data-driven. We’re obviously very excited about this - both because it’s an honour to be asked to participate, and because we’re genuinely keen to put data to work in a way that really affects our lives for the better.

  • City modelling MVP - develop and share demographic projections

    Francine Bennett 28 Oct, 2015

    We’re getting very close to launching the minimum viable product (MVP) version of Witan, the city modelling platform we’ve been working on since this summer.

  • How we’re building a new city platform

    Chris Adams 9 Sep, 2015

    As we mentioned earlier on the blog, we’re working on a very big and ambitious project to create a new city modelling platform, Witan, with London as the first test bed.

  • Witan – the flexible city modelling platform

    Elisabeth Weise 19 Aug, 2015

    Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 11.08.56

  • A Next-generation City Modelling Platform is born… (well, conceived… blog post

    Francine Bennett 4 Jun, 2015

    [cross posted from the London DataStore blog]

    There’s been a lot of discussion, on this blog and elsewhere, of what to actually do with city data once it’s out in the world. We think that, given the capital’s booming population and the consequent policy focus on addressing a wide range of infrastructure needs, one of the most important applications is using data (both open data, and the more private stuff) to gain insight into how the city is functioning right now, how this could potentially change based on a range of inputs, and to ultimately set out different scenarios for its future.

  • City Modeller/Data Scientist Job

    Bruce Durling 18 May, 2015

    We’re looking for an experienced City Modeller and Data Scientist to help us work on an upcoming project. More details are below.

  • Want to build UI in clojurescript?

    Bruce Durling 22 Apr, 2015

    We’re looking for a User Interface designer and developer to help us work on an upcoming project. More details are below.

  • Handoffs considered expensive

    Bruce Durling 15 Mar, 2015

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a team of coders in possession of dependencies must be in trouble. Much of agile at scale is about reducing or eliminating the dependencies between teams, usually by making multiskilled teams (see devops et al). Since working at Mastodon C though I’ve noticed that I’ve not suffered this as much as I used to. I figured it might have just been to do with being in a startup and having escaped the madness of enterprise software and bureaucratic large companies and massive teams.

  • Finding technology innovators using big data

    Francine Bennett 10 Feb, 2015

    We just finished a piece of work for Nesta, looking at how to spot innovative software developers and firms using publicly available data. It was an intriguing exercise - and if you’re a developer, you might want to have a look and see if you can spot anyone you know (we certainly did!).

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